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Post  Tyrael on Tue Apr 07, 2009 4:20 am

Research Goals (Lecture)

Each field of Research offers a few technologies that do a lot to help you out as you progress through the game. Most of you probably already know what these are, but for those of you who are new, or still researching your technologies, here's the ones that you might consider aiming for.

I had to be rather brutal as I went through the list, as most, if not all the technologies are beneficial. The majority of them however vary in importance dependant on your playstyle, and specific needs. As a result, the select few are what I've deemed either specifically needed, or useful regardless of how you choose to play.

For quick reference, I've included an abreivation of each field on research. (S/F) for Seafaring, (Eco) For Economcs, (Sci) for Science and (Mil) for Military.

Special Purposes

(S/F) Foreign Cultures - Embassy (you'll all have this, of course lol)
(Eco) Wealth - without this you can't collect luxury resorces
(Eco) Bureaucracy - we all need that extra plot
(Sci) Glass - speed research via use of this resource

(Sci) Paper - 2% extra research points
(Sci) Ink - 4% extra research points
(Sci) Mechanical Pen - 8% extra research points

Saving your Expenses

(S/F) Ship Maintenance 2% less Naval expenses
(S/F) Pitch 4% less Naval expenses
(S/F) Sea Maps 8% less Naval expenses
(Eco) Pully 2% less construction costs
(Eco) Geometry 4% less construction costs
(Eco) Spirit Lvl 8% less construction costs
(Mil) Maps 2% less Military expenses
(Mil) Code of Honor 4% less Military expenses
(Mil) Logistics 8% less Military expenses

(Sci) Letter Chute - 1 less gold cost per scientist

(Eco) Relaxation Holiday - boosted happiness means lower Wine costs

Obviously the Futures add an extra 2% saving to each branch also, but these take an awful lot of time to research, and so are more playstle specific, as to which is most important to you.

As I stated initially, I had to be brutal. That meant ignoring some technologys that can reap good benefits depending on your playstle, and also those that are neccessary to expand (it's ktaken as read that you'll need to research lower technologies to reach the higher ones in any case) and focused instead on those that provide the most overall benefit.

Of all the branches, I think the most important is probably Economy, as this provides both Wealth, and Bureaucracy, two very important goals to aim for.

Admittedly I did focus my own research on both Science and Economy, but I did not do so exclusively, instead opting for a steady approach to all of the branches.


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